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Szentágothai Scholastic Society and Association

Szentágothai Scholastic Society and Association

In 1970 the country’s first Scholastic Society was established as the Rajk László College for Advanced Studies, in the predecessor of the current Corvinus University of Budapest, the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration. Originally created as a fully independent, self-governing community made of students living in a common dormitory.

“The main objective of the founders was to further the professional development, social and inc-community activity of the members

The franchise has been successful: the initiative was followed by many others. Today, the country has more than a hundred similar student organizations and groupsthat currently operate a total of 60-70 colleges for advanced studies. Still the majority of these societies are characterized by a common dormitory and the community being occupied with organizing their programs, their lives, but it is not uncommon for student communities to be also operating independently from the dormitories, such as the Szentágothai János Scholastic Honorary Society of the University of Pécs.

The fundamental aim of the Society is to provide its members with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills beyond the their university program, to further their deep understanding and familiarity with specific chosen areas, and to expand their professional horizons.

Today these aims developed to the point, where recognizing the new challenges of the labor markets and increasing competition caused by saturation of specific fields put new emphasis on helping members answering these challenges and providing them with preparedness to do so.

Types and operating areas of such institutions are highly diverse: from the purely theoretical to the practice-oriented societies, a varied palette of focus can be found.

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