Participation fees

                                                                 before March 7, 2015                  after March 8, 2015
Participant                                             HUF 40,000 / ~ EUR 135                HUF 50,000 / ~ EUR 165
Student                                                   HUF 10,000 / ~ EUR 35                  HUF 15,000 / ~ EUR 50
Members of Scholastic Societies*        HUF 7,000 / ~ EUR 24                    HUF 12,000 / ~ EUR 40
Accompanying person                          HUF 25,000 / ~ EUR 85                  HUF 30,000 / ~ EUR 10

Excursion                                                                     HUF 2000 / EUR 60 

(The EUR amounts are approximate, and may vary due to current exchange rates. The daily exchange rates should be applied at bank transfer.)

The fee includes the cost of the official publications of the conference, the conference folder, refreshments, participation in the official reception, lunches and the dinner closing the conference.

For accompanying persons the fee includes participation at the reception, the lunches and the dinner closing the conference.

* Membership (szakkollégiumi tagság) should be proved by a certificate showing the registration number at the Society, issued by a leader, or a leading corporate body of a Scholastic Honorary Society (Szakkollégium) registered by the Office of Education (Oktatási Hivatal).


Payment should be made to the following account:

Bank:                                          MAGYAR ÁLLAMKINCSTÁR (MÁK), 7621 Pécs, Apáca u. 6.
Account holder:                        Pécsi Tudományegyetem (Szentágothai Szakkollégium)
Address of account holder:    H-7622 PÉCS, Vasvári Pál utca 4.
Tax number:                             15329798-2-02
Account number:                     10024003-00282716-00000000
HU30 1002 4003 0028 2716 0111 0009

Please, indicate your full name and the “303 557-433-101″ account subnumber. in the message area of the transfer.

Participants from Romania may pay the amount in RON (calculated by the daily exchange rate) at the following account:

Bank:                                        OTP Bank Cluj-Napoca
Account holder:                      Universitatea Sapientia , C.F. RO 14645945
Address of account holder:  Cluj-Napoca, str. Matei Corvin nr. 4, Romania
Account number (RON):        RO65 OTPV 2000 0007 3814 RO18

Please, indicate the acronym of the conference (KMKT2015).

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